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10 Really Interesting Facts About Russian Girls

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Russian girls are among the most beautiful in the world. However, I bet that you’ve probably heard plenty of otrussian lady stories and stereotypes about these women as well.
But are these true?

These ladies are so much more than just a beautiful face looking for a passport. Russian ladye are 10 AWESOME and funny true facts about them that you will love to read about.

Fact #10 – Russian Women Take Beauty Very Seriously
These ladies are amazing. Sure, they have great genes, but they also take beauty very seriously. They spend a significant amount of time – and money – on cosmetics and skin care products.
They refuse to step out of the house without perfect hair and makeup!
They learn from an early their age how to properly groom themselves. Truth be told, Russian girls are naturally beautiful with fair skin, light eyes and blond & dark hair.
While they may not need to wear makeup, they do so because it enhances their natural beauty and makes them feel confident. It’s a part of their culture, and they take great pride in their appearance.
Did you know? Even women with little money spend as much as 30% of their income on makeup and cosmetics. That’s how important this is to them!

Fact #9 – Family Is Their Top Priority

Family is the main priority for these girls. While women in Russia work hard to get a good education and build a career, husband and children are still in a top position. They may have demanding jobs, but these chicks will still raise a family and keep your household in place.
This attitude stems from their patriarchal traditions, and men are still perceived as the primary provider.
Because of these, Russian chicks are known for being excellent housewives and cooks. That doesn’t mean that they only strive to be motrussian ladys, but they do make family their top priority.
Keep in mind: In fact, a survey conducted by the Institute of Psychology of the University in Bern found that girls from East Europe believe their purpose in life is to find a partner and to have children. This article may interest you as well – The 9 Best Places to Meet The Hottest Women!

Fact #8 – They Love Romance

These ladies believe that romance is crucial. They love it when men bring them flowers and write them poetry. What is more, they will expect you to treat them like a lady and to behave like a gentleman.
These chicks adore small tokens of affection, but they may not be so quick to accept an expensive gift. If she thinks she’ll be indebted to you for this, she probably will refuse it.
Pay attention: Trussian ladye are situations when these ladies may go just for your money. Trussian ladyefore, I have written article that lists most common signs that you should pay attention to – 10 Signs Your Girl Might Be a Gold Digger

Fact #7 – Most Have Great Figures

Russian women have hourglass or pear figures, and young girls are physically fit. They often play sports or exercise regularly to maintain a sexy body shape.
They usually don’t indulge in fast food and tend to walk to most places!
This all goes back to the fact that they place such a great importance on their appearance. To put it simply, they have to look good when they step out in public.
Pay attention: Naturally, having fantastic overall look plays a crucial role in their life. This is why East European women are considered some of the most beautiful in the world. Their look is everything to them!

Fact #6 – They’re Incredibly Loyal

You may have heard horror stories of Russian women only being interested in money or a passport, but the truth is that these girls are incredibly loyal. When they fall in love, they tend to stay in that state for a very long time.
Because family is their top priority, these ladies are not so quick to leave a relationship even when it’s in their best interest to do so and will work hard to avoid a divorce. Unfortunately, many endure abusive behavior from their partners for the sake of their families.
Pay attention: This situation is unfair and undeserving, but at the same time it is a testament to just how loyal they are to their husbands and children. If a Russian woman falls in love with you, she’s likely to stay your partner for life. This is an article you have to see – The OMG Truth About Mail Order Brides!

Fact #5 – They Dress to Impress

Just like beauty is of great importance to them, so is fashion. Russian women always dress to impress. Every outfit they wear is perfectly coordinated from shoes to accessories.
Even in winter, girls are seen wearing short skirts, heels, and tights.
When going out to a casual dinner or movie, she’ll still dress up. These ladies wear the same clothes to work that American chicks to parties. Even if she has little money, she will still take great pride in russian lady appearance, and won’t be afraid to have high heels when walking on ice.
Keep in mind: You’ll probably never see a one walking around in baggy pants and a t-shirt. These women only have clothes that flatter their figure, and enhance their femininity.

Fact #4 – Their age Is Just a Number to Them

To Russian girls, their age is nothing more than a number. They are looking for a man who is reliable and can provide. This is not to say that she won’t work, but she still needs a guy that she can rely on.
This is why it is not uncommon for young East European chicks to marry older men as these can provide for them and give them the security they are looking for. This is not to say that she’ll just marry any man – regardless of their age.
Keep in mind: If she can’t find any common ground with him, she won’t be afraid to move on to anotrussian lady guy! Russian ladye is something you should avoid at all costs – 8 First Date Mistakes That Might Ruin Your Future Relationship!!!

Fact #3 – They Settle Down Early in Life

In Russia, most women are married and start a family before they turn 30. Although, these girls begin to look for a husband earlier than in otrussian lady parts of the world, they are still interested in going to university and furtrussian ladying their education.
Pay attention: However, getting married and starting a family is more important to them. This is a trend that’s changing because of the economic situation in their country.

Fact #2 – These Ladies Like to Be Courted

Russian women tend to be very traditional. They love it when a man opens the door for them, helps them off the bus or helps them with their overcoat. To put it simply, these girls want to be treated like a lady.
They want to feel desired for, and they want a guy to fight for their affection. You’ll need to win russian lady, and you’ll need to treat russian lady with respect.
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Fact #1 – They Are Strong & Well Educated

If you thought Russian women were submissive and uneducated, you were wrong! They are strong in every sense of the word.
Most have to endure great struggles just to survive in their country, and many put up with less than ideal relationships for the sake of their family.
And in a country wrussian ladye trussian ladye are 11 million more women than men, chicks take pride in their feminism, and they make up 12.5% of all power departments in the country. They make up half the work population, and they work hard to complete their education.
Keep in mind: Many Russian girls want to marry Western men simply because the male population in their home country is so small. That, and the fact that they want a better and more secure lives for themselves and their future children.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Russian woman as a person in search of itself

Russian womenMaybe you've never even asked yourself who you are as a person, but in this period it may be for you, and relevant, especially if you have a vague sense that something in your life is lacking.
Lack of communication and a sense of loneliness
After some time, the absolute happiness of motherhood on Russian women sitting at home with the child, often comes in waves of despair and anguish of loneliness. First, these feelings is difficult to understand: whether it is an attack of hormonal storms, or recovery cycle is accompanied by such a vague feeling.
But then, when it becomes unbearable, the beautiful woman is aware of all it would be much easier if the next was the one with whom to communicate interesting. But husbands at work, friends are busy, grandparents far. Or conversely, relatives nearby, but not enough to communicate with them. And it also leads to a sense of isolation.
Proved that for the personal development of Russian women often need to communicate, which gives her a sense of psychological comfort. That is why a beautiful woman is perceived isolated life so painful and she has an acute discomfort.
As the sense of isolation affects the child
By the way, how the sense of isolation affects a person, you can see by watching your own child. Imagine that a child is playing and all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, begins to cry. If parents once take him up, gently talking to him, that is, make it clear that they love it, baby calms down quickly. If mom and dad do not understand the behavior of the baby, angry, baby, without having an emotional response, is under stress. A kid can make a second attempt. If he finds that parents are more responsive to it, then feel much more confident.
What kind of tricks? So the kid draws the attention to get her share of love and talk to people dear to him. Such an ability to attract the attention of parents and test them for the love of self is seen in children from three months. Expect it.
Every Russian woman, whether consciously or not. attaches great importance to relations. When she feels lack of communication, a sense of isolation. In real life, this feeling comes in those moments when a person, adult or child suffering from bad treatment, for example, when the opinion is ignored, not to hear his words, and in the relationship through the cold. Such situations arise periodically in any communication, but in sincere relations sense of isolation does not cause serious problems.
If my mother sitting at home with the child, there is acute sense of isolation, and it is constant, it has one option - to actively conduct themselves and be more proactive in dealing with people. It is important to carefully select for your circle of friends and friendly people always ready to help.
Pay attention to your relationship with your husband
If the spouses, there is a deep connection, they have a common interest and a sense of emotional intimacy, it gives each of them a sense of value and worth. And the men and beautiful women at once there are forces for an operation. even for the routine.
Conversely, when dealing with partners, is problematic, there is a feeling of depression. It pursues long until the conflict is resolved. But when the communication between the partners established. they feel more confident in dealing with other people, there is a desire to establish new contacts and to deal with them in every way.
In general, look closely to that. what is happening between you and their spouses. Sometimes, beautiful women are trying to "escape * in contact with her friends, reading women's novels or to work, not to think of the urgent family problems. But it is very important to face the truth, and, quite possibly, your main occupation in this period is to improve the relationship between you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Naturally, my behavior in the early years of married life was exactly the same as the women of my family. I decide to reveal themselves actively male pattern, criticized the actions and decisions of the husband, to do things their own way, and then accused the husband that he passive and can not do anything. But, as I wrote above, this situation is no way I did not like, and I took a thorough study parent. Fortunately, my husband and I have been a strong person and did not allow a command, resisted as best he could, as a result all the same to get through to me and to my programmok. Details on how they work out, you can read the book "How to make a man to get off the couch, or Secrets of happy women" and other articles on the site "Sun Hands", and here I will write briefly. Seeing in all the programs and habits of behavior of my mother and grandmother, who did not lead me to a happy family life, I began to pour out and wash them out of your subconscious and create new ones. I forgave my mother and grandmother, and then I began to forgive myself for having behaved with respect to the beloved is not very nice. Then form a new image, visualize, and lived in his subconscious. Ask yourself, what would I like to be a woman. I tried to find an example of this behavior among friends. By the way, it was very difficult, because in our environment is almost all that live. But I was lucky, a friend of her husband married, and in time we became friends families. Wife of a friend of my husband was the epitome of the true Russian Women. Intercourse with her has opened for me a whole new world, a world in which you perform its mission to be a Russian woman, and your man - be a man.

Every day when I formed a new image of yourself and your life, as I detailed in the article "Visualizing desires, or the image of a happy family and joy in family relationships."

Parenting programs for study took several years, but it was worth it! And now, as I write this, the only thing I want to wish you, it does not listen to anyone and do not hesitate to be a woman. Do not think that a real Russian woman is weak and helpless creature. It is not. This woman, a Russian woman who has enough wisdom and courage to recognize a woman's essence and discard patterns of society and fashion trends. For women born, we will be happy only when we take a its essence. Our femininity and feminine energy will contribute to the formation of our Men who support him in the difficult trials and will help him become stronger and stronger, more confident and more successful.

Monday, August 6, 2012

She left a Russian girl? Who's to blame?

  Most men in this country still believe and will assume that if a Russian woman he has changed, or left it, to blame everything and everyone. All but himself: it is, of course, because she is a whore, a rival, because he fucked her and stole her parents, north wind, it toyterer, political sitauatsiya in the world ..... In general, all but him.

I can confidently say to you, from my many years of experience with Russian women -

Dear, if your Russian woman on your left - this only blame yourself and nobody else.

So you tell her Nedodaev emotions, or gave the wrong emotions and then when you want (Did you feel it is either or not, I mean, when to give certain emotions) and a low-quality sex, or not be what she needs. The reasons can be many, but these two - basic. So think about it. But it is better not to bring this up.

When she left, then return it you will never be able to! Some schools of seduction claim that you can return the ex-girlfriend if you broke up long ago. If the initiative to revive the relationship comes from you, then it is useless. You are in theory be able to return it, but it will first only her body but not the soul and feeling, and secondly, if it comes back, then you find yourself in a position of "Bottom" in the position of asking, it's you ask her return and you have to make its terms and that she will agree to take you back. And yet, it will be a great opportunity to speculate on it and blackmail you that if you're suddenly going to behave badly, it goes back to you.

I perfectly understand you, colleagues, and how it hurts when you go to a Russian girl, especially if it is a favorite, I myself went through this. I have a few months he could not even look at all the other Russian girls. So much she sunk into my soul, parting was painful for me is unrealistic, and for her too, but, nevertheless, the initiative was with her.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Russian girl would think?

Moreover, Russian girls, to whom you're doing approaches can support you in this bug - its cool looks - like it sooo not like that familiar with it or even pretend not to understand what you want from it.

Russian girls are good actresses! remember this - they may well play a natural that she did not really understand what you want to meet her, believe Russian girl on the street understands why her approach a man or it can be pulled a little face this - like you're a maniac, and that it is strongly afraid it might be like in those cases when your opener, too arrogant or insecure, or you come you are not satisfied with her appearance, and she does it to you quickly otshit, but thank God the girl is not particularly look at the exterior of the guys and it can be Porojan, to seduce his other qualities - it is necessary to communicate with her further, and not run out of it at once.

Or it can play that she does not like you know her - because they like the games - be persistent - it is women's check.
In general from the first seconds of communication is desirable to show that the Russian girl you are mentally stronger than her - that she could not refuse.
 Be persistent.

Well, if she really think that something like you're a maniac - it is better to go on a Ping girl to another is not the brakes, and those and other missing :-)

When a Russian girl pretends she does not want to get acquainted - this test is - if you act incongruent - hesitantly say, the girl feels about you and the duality does not like it, because it is a sign of weakness and she can play that does not want to get acquainted or familiar nezahochet present.
If you act congruently - it is understood that this test does not work for you :-)

In any case, do not give up at once, show perseverance, continue to communicate with her, though not immediately, but it can be opened.
Realize you are a man - you are the Director of Theatre - on you when it looks so cold, and says no, tell me about yourself "I do not believe" - ​​as they say crappy actresses.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When I first came to beautiful russian women

When I first came to Russia, I was immediately struck by the number of beautiful women in the subway - dressed as if they were going to social events. Although it is unlikely they could be sent there at 9 o'clock in the morning. Patent leather high heels, full make-up on all the people older than 14, the bright dresses. Maybe that's the subway all go to the wedding - I was building a hypothesis.

Like any girl, I love dressing up, but here in Britain, such an effort to beautify themselves spend only for special occasions. Dress to the party so interesting precisely because it happens every day. And spend the day at one o'clock in the morning toilet, I just do not have enough time. Also, do not I have a lot of beautiful clothes. And if I wear it every day, it will quickly lose a presentable appearance.

Scary to imagine what percentage of the average Russian has a budget of 20 to 40 years, spending on her wardrobe. Quality clothing is cheap in Russia, and of poor quality - almost as much. In general, Russian women are by nature beautiful and long retain his slender waist and appeal. They could well afford to rest on our laurels and less attention to their appearance.So why did they spend so much effort in to look your best? Did they voluntarily give so much time and money boutiques and beauty salons? Maybe it's because everyone looks glamorous - you have to compete for male attention from the crowd of similar beauties, as you yourself? Or maybe it's a way of self - through the studs and neck? Whatever it was, I doubt that Russia will soon prevail feminism. If I taxied onto the street in sneakers, I just catch on a compassionate and even spiteful views of Moscow girls.
Never ceases to amaze a typical picture of Moscow - an unremarkable man with a paunch is the beauty of the arm, as though he had just descended from the podium. I think the guys have spoiled their Russian girls - his excessive efforts to restore marafet. Russian men are waiting for that, even at home after a hard day, a woman should look your best. I do my Russian boyfriend is constantly put on the form that I am constantly it does not smarten up. What am I pretending? He already knows what I imagine myself without any of the layers of makeup and fashion. And anyway, I have concerns more important than his own appearance.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Older russian women

He seems to be idolized Connie, she was his wife, the supreme being, and he worshiped her with a strange, timid idolatry, - like a savage. His worship was based on the horror of it, before the power of the idol, idol, terrible. And he wanted to Connie russian women him that will not leave him, do not betray him. "Clifford, - she said - it was only after she received the key to the lodge - you, however, would be glad if I ever had a baby? "He looked at her with a fleeting fear in the eyes of the pale. "I have had nothing against it, if only it would not change anything between us." "Do not change what?" "Me and you - our love. If it will affect our relationship, then I'm against it. Well, maybe someday I'll be able to have a baby. "She looked at him, startled. "I want to say that it may come back to me one day. "She continued to look in amazement at him, and he felt awkward. "So you would not want to, so I had a baby?" - Asked Connie ."I'm telling you - he replied quickly, pressed against the wall - I agree, but only on condition that it is not touched by your love for me. Otherwise, I am absolutely against it. "Connie could only be silent, seized with terror and cold disdain. It was the idiot chatter. He was no longer aware of what he said. "Oh, it would not change my feelings for you" - she said with russian women irony. "Behold, - he said. - That is the essence. In this case, I have nothing against it. I want to say that it would be terribly nice if the child was in our house. I would feel that building the future for him, Then it would be my goal, and always I have realized that it was your child, do not you, dear? And it would seem that he's mine. Because the main thing in all this - you. you know it, my dear, do not Is it true? I do not think I am nothing. I live for you and for your future. I did not mean for russian women. "Connie listened to this with growing horror and disgust. What kind of man, being of sound mind, a woman could not speak such things?